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The last baby grey

Today we shipped off the last baby African Grey from our October 2023 clutch. This boy was very sweet, unlike some of the babies from the first clutch. Those girls were nasty to say the least.

This guy was the middle child. There was one older chick that hatched on October 10th, 2023, then this boy who hatched on October 12th, and a girl that hatched on October 14th. She went home last week to a nice family from Colorado. By the time they were weaned both of them were starting to talk so I think they are going to be chatter boxes. He was always willing and ready for a head scratch and would let you rub his head forever if you want. We're going to miss this sweet baby.

Another clutch is on the way and all of the greys now have nest boxes. If all three of them would start producing reliably that would be fantastic.