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Can I feed my bird peanuts?

The answer is sometimes and in moderation. Peanuts are native to Africa and they grow under ground. There are no birds in the wild that dig up peanuts to eat them. Peanuts can also contain fungus on the shell. Roasting peanuts exposes them to heat but the heat isn't always enough to kill the fungus spores. That being said, you can remove the shell first and offer the roasted peanut to your bird. Due to the high fat content they should be limited to just a few individual nuts a day. For an older bird a few nuts every few days would be best. You can use peanut butter instead, but again in small amounts. Commercial peanut butter is tested for contamination and is generally considered safe for birds. When mixed with some oatmeal and rolled into small balls it makes a fun treat for your bird. Everything in moderation though. It's still high in fat and too much is unhealthy.