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Teaching your bird to swear

A bird that swears like a sailor. Isn't is the funniest thing ever? Teaching your bird to say the most offensive, and outrageous things sounds like great fun doesn't it?

No, it's not.

This is what happens. Birds get surrendered to rescues or bird stores. There are many reasons, and sometimes it can be a sad situation. Sometimes the bird is too much for them to handle, or they have a child and they're afraid of the baby getting bit. Sometimes people do it as they approach the end of their own life and they want to find a home for the bird. A local store recently had a bird come in as the owner was about to enter hospice care. The owner was very old and had lived alone for many years. This person had a colorful vocabulary that included profanities and ethnic slurs. So does the bird.

Imagine that you're out with your family and you've decided to get a bird as a pet. You've done your research and made the decision to get an adult bird that has already had a home. It gives you a warm feeling to take in a bird that has lost its owner. Now imagine that you're all standing around a cage and watching a bird that's having a great time jumping around, dancing, and chattering up a storm to your kids. It's that great? Now how will you feel when that bird stops in front of your kids and says, "What's up mother fucker?" Or "Fuck You" or maybe "Hey N*gger".

It's not so funny anymore, is it? You're going to walk away and not give it another thought. The bird has potentially lost out on what could have been the perfect home. The bird isn't the one at fault here. The human that taught the bird is.

Through no fault of its own, the bird may wait months before being adopted. Imagine how stressful that must be for the bird. Leaving the only human you've known for your whole life and then being passed over time and time again because you're only repeating what you know.

Birds are like sponges. They will hear something and repeat it years later for no apparent reason. Don't swear in front of your bird, and don't purposefully teach your bird to swear.