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Red Fronted Macaw - Ara Rubrogenys

Sometimes called the Lafresnaye's macaw, is the smallest of the "Large Macaw" group. They are endemic to a small semi-desert mountainous area of Bolivia. The red-fronted macaw is  21.5–23.5 in long. It is mostly green, and has a red forehead, a red patch over the ears and bright red to orange edged under wing coverts. It has an area of pinkish skin around the eyes extending to the beak. It has red at the bend of wings and blue primary wing feathers.

As pets they are said to be extremely affectionate and cuddly, often napping on their owners lap. They are also precision flyers. Their smaller size and lighter weight allows them to hover in midair, and land gently. These macaws are also said to be very perceptive of their owners moods. Many owners have commented that when they have a bad day their red fronted macaw comes and sits quietly with them as if to offer comfort.

The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) - lists the Red Fronted Macaw as Endangered. As of 2012, it was estimated that there are 700 - 2700 left in the wild. While endangered, they do breed successfully in captivity. You can find them in aviculture, but they are not as common as other species.

Our pair, Olas, and Varmit had been together for some years prior to coming to us. They had never been given a nest box, but are very well bonded. Their first breeding season was a huge success. They gave us 7 beautiful baby macaws.

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