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If you're interested in any of the birds listed below, please use the contact form to get in touch with us.

Shipping depends on the time of year and the weather. Shipping is difficult in the middle of summer when it is regularly triple digits. The buyers pays for the flight and shipping container in addition to the cost of the bird. We use Delta Cargo and usually ship on Wednesday and Thursdays.

If you are in Phoenix, Arizona, we can meet you at a location convenient to both of us.

Our cockatiel breeding season runs from late fall to early summer each year with the majority of the chicks coming in the spring. We do not sell cockatiels directly to the public. They go to a local exotic bird retailer.
Please review our purchase policy for larger parrots. You can find it on our FAQ page here.

The conure pairs are breeding pairs. They are not pets.
If you don't know what that means, then these are not the birds for you.

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Pair of Blue Crown Conures - $800

Ginger and Zazu

Male on the left is 15, female on the right is about 10. They are a bonded pair and must go together.
Pair of Sun Cheek Green Cheek Conures

Both the male and female are visual sun cheeks split to turquoise. They can produce moon cheek green cheeks. They need a calmer environment than we have and with all the commotion going on they have a hard time settling down to breed.

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Young Citron Cockatoo. 6 month old female. Fully weaned and ready to go home. Shipping is not available due to ESA restrictions and USFW license requirements.


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